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Organic Backyard Vegetarian Layer Pellet

Country Heritage Feeds Certified Organic Backyard Vegetarian Layer Pellet is formulated for laying birds.  (approx 18 – 20 weeks).  It is advisable to blend layer feed with Chicken Starter Grower feed from 16 weeks to assist with transition onto the layer feed and egg formation.

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The Backyard Vegetarian Layer Pellet is a fully balanced ration designed to meet the specific needs of backyard laying birds without the use of animal ingredients such as meat meal or fishmeal.  This diet is perfect for those owners who themselves are vegetarian or simply prefer not feeding their chooks any animal material. All Country Heritage Feeds pellet rations are made using the same quality ingredients found in both their mash and wholegrain feeds.  The Organic Backyard Vegetarian Layer Pellet utilizes quality certified organic vegetable proteins such as sunflower meal, safflower meal, and soybean meal to meet the high nutritional requirements.


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