Organic Grain Growers

We are privileged to work with certified organic growers both large and small from all over Australia. Sourcing quality grains and protein meals is a crucial element to being able to provide the high performing rations that we offer.
We are only too happy to talk to new growers or growers who are considering the move to becoming certified organic. Please contact Ron Phillips at our office…


Organic Livestock Farmers

We are the experts in developing feeds for certified organic livestock.

We supply some of the largest organic poultry farms across Australia including egg and meat producers. We produce seasonal licks for the beef industry as well as dry feeds and supplements for pigs, goats, sheep and even horses.

Contact Ron to find out about the diets we have already developed or to discuss a custom diet to meet your specific requirements.

A minimum one tonne order may apply to custom rations.

Ron Phillips

ph: (07) 4630 8571