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Organic Dairy Feeds

Country Heritage Feeds produces Certified Organic feeds and supplements designed specifically for the Organic Dairy Industry. These products provide a source of high quality proteins, energy and minerals that can be fed as a supplement with forage or hay at different stages of the beasts life.

All ingredients in our Organic Stockfeeds are sourced from Organic certified growers and suppliers. Our manufacturing process is run according to the regulations set down in the “National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce.” 

Typical Ingredients in Organic Dairy Feeds.

Our feeds may include the following products – Sorghum, barley, wheat, maize, sunflower meal, safflower meal, linseed meal, canola meal, soybean meal, limestone, organic phosphorus, limestone, salt, vegetable oil, molasses, vitamins and minerals 

Please note that ingredient usage and inclusions vary from feed to feed. We can also provide custom blends that are made to meet specific requirements. This customizing of feeds and supplements is possible due to our experience and expertise in the Australian Organic Stockfeed Industry.

Feeding Instructions:

We recommend that the stock always have access to a good supply of fresh water and roughage in the form of pasture or hay. Hay is important in that it provides a source of ‘long’ strand fibre necessary to ruminants.

You will note that specific feeding instructions have been inserted before the nutrient table of each product. However, a general rule applies to all grain feeding in that an induction period must definitely be following.

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  1. hey there im interested in purchasing a bulka bag of the organic dairy blend do you transport to central west NSW? im located at Carcoar , close to Orange.

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